How Podiatry Services Can Help Lower Back, Hip, and Knee Pain

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Podiatry clinics look at the structure and function of your feet in order to improve your overall gait mechanics. If your feet aren't supported correctly, you will begin to use the wrong muscles to ambulate. You may find that your lower back begins to hurt or that you are experiencing knee pain. A podiatrist will take a careful look at your feet to determine whether you need orthotics to give you better support when you are walking. They will also look for mechanical problems, check your feet for any cuts or abrasions, and provide you with advice on how to take good care of your feet to improve how you walk, run, and move around.

Knee Pain Without Knee Problems

If you are experiencing knee pain and you don't have any structural issues with your knee, this can be due to poor foot support. When you are walking around with flat feet or you need support and you don't have it, this can manifest as pain in other joints of your body. Knee pain is common for people who are actually having problems with their feet instead. Talk with your podiatrist about potential solutions when it comes to knee pain caused by your feet.

When You Have Hip or Lower Back Pain

Pain in your hip or your lower back can be indicative of poor gait mechanics. This means that when you are walking or running, you aren't using your body properly. You can work with a physical therapist to address your gait mechanics and improve how you ambulate. Your podiatrist can look at how you are walking and measure to see if orthotics will benefit you. Orthotics provide your feet with support that is specific to you and the structure of your feet. 

Keep Your Feet Healthy

When you take good care of your feet, you will find that it is easier to walk and move around. A trip to the podiatrist can help identify any causes of your pain and find problems with your feet before they cause pain. Your feet hold up your entire body when you are walking, and they need to be taken good care of.

Podiatry can help you ambulate better and rely less on compensatory strategies to walk or run. When you visit a podiatry clinic, you can get measured for orthotics that can provide you with the support that you need as you are walking.