Tips For Healing After Foot Surgery

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Ongoing foot pain can really impede your life. Whether the pain is from bunions, heel spurs, or some other persistent ache, having surgery can be the best way to correct the problem so you can finally walk comfortably again. However, recovering from foot surgery can take some time and patience. Here are some tips to help you navigate your recovery in a way that minimizes your pain and should hopefully have you back on your feet sooner.

Elevate your foot as much as possible.

When you're sitting around, resting, try to prop your foot up as much as possible. Try to have your foot above the level of your heart. If this is not possible, just prop it up as best you can. Elevating your foot will encourage any fluid that has accumulated in the tissue to work its way back into circulation. Reducing the inflammation in your foot will help get rid of any pounding pain post-surgery. It will also allow more blood to circulate to the area, bringing the nutrients needed for healing. 

Stay off your foot.

Many people who have foot surgery are so excited to walk again that they do so too soon. Stepping on your foot before it is healed enough may dislodge structures that were altered during surgery, or it may interfere with the healing of your incisions. So, stay off your foot for as long as your surgeon advised even if you feel you can walk sooner without pain. Make sure you keep crutches handy so you can get around without having to put weight on your healing foot.

Get some upper body exercise.

Since you can't walk, you might be tempted to just be sedentary after foot surgery. But unless your doctor tells you otherwise, it can be helpful to do some upper body exercise. Look for chair aerobics workout videos you can follow along with. Or, just do some boxing moves from your seated position for a few minutes each day. Exercise gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing, which can increase circulation to your foot and speed healing. Plus, when you finally can walk again, you'll be more fit, which will help you ease back into walking more easily.

Regardless of what foot surgery you have, the tips above can help you recover. Talk to your podiatrist if you'd like additional tips related to your specific surgery or ailment. 

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