Here's Why You Should See A Podiatrist For Your Chronic Heel Pain

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Are you tired of walking around with chronic heel pain? Your family doctor might be able to help some, but you should consider seeing an experienced podiatrist instead. Here is why:

Rely on Specialty Treatments

Unlike a general practitioner like your family doctor, podiatrists focus their training on foot problems. They don't spend time learning about things like heart disease and high blood pressure like your regular doctor does, and instead they focus all of their time and attention on nail, foot, and ankle ailments. So when you see a podiatrist, you can rest assured that you can getting the specialized treatment you need and deserve to recover from your heel pain.

Your podiatrist will have a complete understanding of how the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and other components of your feet and ankles work so they can quickly diagnose your problem and recommend an effective treatment without having to spend the time doing any extra research or consultations with colleagues.

Access Orthotic Devices

Working with a podiatrist to treat your heel pain will help ensure that you have direct access to any orthotic devices that might aid in your recovery. For instance, your podiatrist can create custom heel pads for your shoes that conform to the natural shape of your feet and take the pressure off your heals when you walk. Other orthotic devices your podiatrist can create or prescribe to treat your heel pain include:

While a podiatrist has direct access to custom molds and pre-designed orthotic devices, your general practitioner may not be able to provide you with any orthotic devices that aren't already readily available at your local drug store.

Gain Preventative Insight

Working directly with a podiatrist instead of your traditional doctor to treat your heel pain will also allow you to gain preventative tips and tricks that will help ensure that pain doesn't develop again after your heel pain is resolved. From over-the-counter skin creams to at-home exercises, an experienced podiatrist can help you make lifestyle choices that not only keep your heel pain at bay, but also improve the function and health of your heels and feet overall.

Your podiatrist can provide you with a list of home care options that you can pick and choose from to create a custom treatment plan that is doable long-term so you never have to deal with chronic heel pain again. Visit a site like for more help.