Tips For Choosing Shoes That Relieve And Prevent Foot Pain

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Many foot problems are caused by wearing shoes that don't fit well or that don't support your feet. You may not realize how important it is to wear proper shoes to prevent pain in your feet and back. A foot specialist, or podiatrist, can help you select the right kind of shoes for the shape and size of your feet. If you have problems with chronic foot pain, it is worth having your shoes fitted or even custom made. Here are some tips for choosing the right shoes and how a podiatrist can help:

Look For Supportive Features In New Shoes

Shoes come in all styles and if you like fashion shoes, you may not be happy to hear they are often bad for your feet. That doesn't mean you can never wear shoes with high heels, but you don't want to wear them all the time or you could suffer from foot and ankle problems. Instead, you want a shoe with a lower heel. This distributes your weight across your entire foot rather than forcing the weight against your toes.

You also want shoes with a toe area wide enough that your toes aren't pressed against each other. Arch support is also important for your feet. That means flat sandals should only be worn occasionally. You'll want to pick shoes that support your feet when you run, walk all day, or stand on your feet for hours at work.

Alternate The Shoes You Wear

Taking care of your shoes properly is important too. You should generally rotate the shoes you wear each day. This keeps you from wearing down your shoes too fast. If your feet roll to the side, one side of your shoes will wear out faster than the other and throw your body out of alignment when you walk. You can prevent this by alternating the shoes you wear each day and by replacing your shoes when they show signs of wear.

You also want to keep your shoes dry inside. Your feet tend to sweat, and you might have feet that sweat more than usual. By wearing the same shoes all the time, they never have a chance to dry out completely. Damp shoes keep your feet damp and that can encourage the growth of fungus and bad odors.

Let A Foot Specialist Help With Sizing

If you get frustrated at buying new shoes because you can't find a pair that fits right or you buy a pair only to have them hurt your feet later, then you should let a foot specialist help you get shoes that are good for your feet. This starts with measuring your feet and studying the way your weight is distributed on them when you walk or stand. One of your feet might be shaped differently from the other, which makes it hard to find shoes that fit right. You may need custom shoes made to fit your individual feet and that support any gait patterns you have. If you have a foot condition such as fasciitis or tendinitis, you may need to have inserts added to your shoes. Sometimes the right inserts help make up for shoes that don't fit exactly right. Your podiatrist can make custom inserts based on molds of your feet that absorb shock, provide padding, and support your toes, heels, or arches.

The right shoes or orthotic inserts can help with foot pain you currently have and they can prevent future foot pain by keeping your feet supported and stable. If you're on your feet all day, then the right shoes are very important to the support of your entire body, not just your feet.

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