Questions And Answers Concerning Bunions

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Issues with your feet can be among the most painful and disruptive problems that you might encounter. Bunions can be a common type of problem, and while it is possible to treat this condition with a surgery, patients that are uninformed about this issue may have reservations about seeing treatment or they may be unaware of the steps they can use to minimize the risk of getting bunions in the future.

What Causes You To Develop Painful Bunions?

When a person develops a bunion, a bony growth will form on the joints of the big toe. As this growth increases in size, it can put tremendous pressure on the rest of the toe. Eventually, this problem will cause the toe to start to point inward, which will cause the pain to dramatically increase. Interestingly, one of the more common causes of this problem will be wearing poorly fitting shoes. Due to this, individuals that find that they are prone to developing this problem will want to ensure they invest in high-quality and well-fitted shoes.

Will You Be Under Full Anesthesia For Your Bunion Surgery?

Correcting a bunion will often require surgery. However, there are patients that will want to avoid undergoing surgery due to fears of being fully anesthetized. However, this is typically not necessary for this procedure. Rather, a local anesthetic will typically be more than sufficient for mitigate the discomfort the patient will experience during this procedure.

Will A Bunion Surgery Cause Major Disruptions To Your Daily Routine?

Bunion surgery is typically a minor procedure, but due to the fact that it is done to the foot, you may need a couple of days to recover before you can start to resume your normal schedule. During these days, you will want to stay off your foot and keep it elevated as this will minimize the swelling and pain. Fortunately, the foot will heal fairly quickly, which will allow you to minimize the inconvenient disruptions and other issues that undergoing this procedure may cause to your normal schedule of work and other activities.

A bunion can be a painful problem to develop, but it is also a problem that is surprisingly common. In order to protect yourself against this type of limiting foot problem, you need to have an appreciation for the factors that cause this problem, the fact that only a local anesthetic will be necessary and the need to plan for a recovery period of at least a few days.